Our Family is so grateful to be part of the St. Bernard family. I appreciate the individual attention that each child receives within the classroom. As a family of St. Bernard Catholic School, we have to say “we love our school’. Our children love learning about their catholic faith.

Testimonial 4

I like St. Bernard because I get to learn a lot about Jesus and be in my fun classroom and make new friends. If you ever need help there’s always going to be a teacher to help you.

Testimonial 5

Being a part of the St. Bernard community has been very welcoming. St. Bernard is committed to instilling a love for learning, which is shown in the classrooms. Teachers genuinely care about the students. St. Bernard provides a strong foundation for faith, which helps teachers and students grow.

Testimonial 3

St. Bernard is the place to be. With Faith in our daily routine, we can strive to be our best. It’s a place with great teachers and friends. Once a Bear, Always a Bear.

Testimonial 2

The staff at St. Bernard is truly my family. I look forward to going to work each day, because I feel like a valued member of a team. … I am so blessed to call St. Bernard my forever home.

Test Quote 1

I like my school because our teachers are so nice and they do a good job of explaining things we don’t know yet. We learn how to work hard and get ready for life when we’re older.