A Day of Adventure at “Camp Read-a-Lot”

In Ms. Larson’s second-grade classroom at St. Bernard School, desks turned into tent forts, books became passports to adventure, and imaginary campfires set the perfect scene for “Camp Read-a-Lot.” This was a magical day where second graders embarked on a learning expedition unlike any other.

Upon entering the classroom, students were greeted with a sight straight out of a national park: tents, faux campfires, and nature-inspired decorations transformed the space into a wilderness haven. The immersive setup aimed to stimulate students’ imagination and create a unique learning environment.

To kick off the adventure, the students were issued official ranger badges, signaling their readiness to dive into the world of learning. With badges proudly displayed, they eagerly embarked on a series of camping-themed activities designed to ignite their love for learning.

Throughout the day, the students participated in a variety of camping-themed activities. Students practiced their money-counting skills to purchase camping supplies and enhanced their writing skills while writing essays on how to build a s’more. They also did camping-themed wordwork activities. Every activity was designed to reinforce academic concepts in a fun and interactive way.

One of the highlights of the day was the storytelling session around a “campfire” made of cardboard flames. With their flashlights in hand, the students listened wide-eyed as tales of adventure and wonder unfolded before them. The imaginary logs created a magical atmosphere that brought the stories to life.

No camping trip would be complete without a taste of the outdoors, and the students enjoyed a delicious s’mores snack at the end of the day! The sweet treats were a hit. “I was so excited about our s’mores cereal! I just knew that was going to be our treat for the day!” said Alejandra.

As the day came to a close, the students gathered around the “campfire” one last time to share their experiences of the day. Their faces glowed with excitement as they recounted their adventures. For these young readers, “Camp Read-a-Lot” had been a journey of discovery, imagination, and the joy of learning.

“This is something that I look forward to doing with my students every year,” said Ms. Larson. “It is fun to be able to make small changes to transform the classroom and get the students really engaged in their learning.”

Overall, “Camp Read-A-Lot” provided second graders with a memorable day of immersive learning, blending academic concepts with the excitement of camping. Through creative classroom transformations like this, educators at St. Bernard School continue to find innovative ways to make learning enjoyable and meaningful for students.

St. Bernard Catholic School is part of the Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE) School System. It is a private Catholic school serving Preschool and Elementary through 8th grade (PK3-8) with open enrollment. St. Bernard’s provides an individualized education in a faith-based environment. Each child is supported not only academically, but spiritually.