Principal Welcome

About St. Bernard

Principal Welcome

I am beyond blessed and honored to be the principal at St. Bernard Catholic School.

As I continue to meet more school families and staff members, I’ve found I am part of a beautiful, faith-filled community. It is truly a blessing for me to lead such a strong Catholic school like St. Bernard School!

I arrived at St. Bernard School as a seasoned teacher who has taught in numerous districts and grades, but in addition to my role as an educator, I am foremost a father and husband. My wife and I have three children who attend Father Allouez Catholic School. As a family we very much value the GRACE system and the high-quality education that is grounded in faith.

As an educational leader, I believe in being a highly visible member of our SBS community not only in the hallways and classrooms but also at extracurricular events. I care deeply about their academic successes, but also their interests after school hours.

I welcome you to say “hello” when you see me, ask questions or come to me with any celebrations or concerns. Your insight will continue to drive the success of our school.

I pray that God continues to bless our children and school community and that He will guide us on this journey together.